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‘Made in Abyss’ Announces Two New Films

Made in Abyss was a series that definitely got a lot of love from its fans, but it is not exactly hugely popular outside of its cult following. But thanks to a year of fans pushing the series to others, it has gotten the attention it deserves.

This attention has spread enough to warrant new projects for the series, including two new compilation films cataloging the events of the anime.

Made in Abyss has confirmed that the series will receive two compilation films that will let fans relive the events of the anime. Releasing this Winter, the series is also teasing a new “episode” like project that should whet the whistle of fans before the series’ sequel season releases in the future.

Akihiko Tsukushi’s Made in Abyss was first published online in Takeshobo’s Web Comic Ganma in 2012, and has since been collected into six volumes. Seven Seas has licensed the manga overseas and will begin its release in January. The series was adapted into an anime by Kinema Citrus and aired from July 7 to September 29. You can currently find the Japanese language broadcast with English subtitles on Amazon Prime Video, which was formerly gated behind their now-defunct Anime Strike service.


For those unfamiliar, the series follows a young orphan girl named Rico who lives in a town on the edge of the Abyss, an enormous, unexplored pit and underground maze. It’s full of hidden relics and treasures humans have yet to discover, but it also carries a harsh danger.

The further people travel into the abyss, the more likely they will succumb to a terrible sickness called the “Curse of the Abyss” on their return trip. This curse can be anything from nausea in the upper levels, madness, to the loss of humanity or even death. Meaning that very few people make it back to tell of their adventures.

Still, brave explorers known as “Cave Raiders” have taken up the challenge and decide to explore the depths. Some Cave Raiders, known as the “White Whistles” for the whistles they wore around their person earn the title for particularly great adventures. Rico’s mother is one of these Raiders, so she decides to plunge into the abyss to find her.

On the way down she meets a young half-boy, half-robot named Reg and he decides to go with her on her journey. Pushed on by a note left by her mother to meet her at the bottom of the abyss, Rico decides to plunge down regardless of the danger that awaits her and the knowledge that she will most likely never return.