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Anthony Mackie Says Infinity War Is ‘Most Human’ Marvel Movie Yet

Avengers: Infinity War is surprisingly the most human Marvel film yet, Anthony Mackie says. Next month, Marvel Studios is debuting their most ambitious undertaking yet, as they begin the culmination of everything that has transpired in the successful franchise, with the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed flick.

Infinity War is perhaps the biggest blockbuster film ever (at least until Avengers 4), pitting around 76 characters against one mighty villain in Thanos. Given the sheer number of key players to work with, the film could easily become a disjointed mess with nothing but big action set pieces and a shallow narrative. However, with the Russo Brothers teaming up once again with Captain Americatrilogy writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, hopes are high that Infinity Warwill ultimately live up to the ambitious challenge that it has set for itself.

Speaking with ET, Mackie – who has been playing the role of Sam Wilson aka. Falcon in the MCU for five years now – claims that people will be surprised with what Marvel was able to accomplish with Infinity War.  The actor, interestingly, reiterated throughout the interview that the flick “gives a humanity to all the characters”:

“Avengers 3 is going to be very different and they’re gonna be a lot of shocking moments. And  I think the fans are gonna get more than they expect out of this movie, from all characters. I think this is the most human of the Avengers movies, of all the Marvel movies. So I think you’ll be really surprised to see how normal these superheroes could be.

It’s a very very interesting storyline that we’ve chosen to tell. Like I said, it just gives a humanity to all the characters.”

Avengers Infinity War Tony Iron MAn Looks Angry Anthony Mackie Says Infinity War Is Most Human Marvel Movie Yet

Mackie’s “shocking moments” comment in particular could be a nod to the fact that nearly anyone could bite the bullet during Infinity War. Sure, longtime characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor are at the forefront of the list, but supporting characters like Falcon are certainly in danger of kicking the bucket too. Of course, there’s always the Time Gem that would allow Doctor Strange to turn back time and save his fellow heroes. But if Marvel really wants to prove that the next twin Avengers sequels have intense stakes, some of the deaths should definitely be permanent. And while the MCU have experienced numerous losses over the last decade, the upcoming ones are presumably going to ones that truly change the status quo of the franchise.

It’s also possible that Mackie is referring to characters having no control over their situation, making them feel hopeless, like normal human beings that don’t have special powers. Most of the heroes in the MCU have grown accustomed to having superpowers that give them an advantage over everyone else. But in the face of the unknown threat that is Thanos, they will have to play catch up most of the time, until they finally figure out how to defeat him. This also effectively plays on the notion that the Avengers has been divided for the last two to three years, making them more vulnerable than ever.

On the flip side, the good guys aren’t the only ones who will be humanized in Avengers: Infinity War. Joe Russo has suggested that fans will feel empathetic towards Thanos at times in the film. The full-length Infinity War trailer even features a young Gamora willingly holding the Mad Titan’s massive hands – a powerful visual that sends a message that the galactic supervillain isn’t the average power-hungry villain that blockbusters usually feature. There’s a logic to what he’s doing which immediately separates him from the bland one-and-done villains that MCU movies have often featured in the past.

Source: ET